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Graceful Cherry Blossom

perfectly lethal

Soshi Mahoroba
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Name: Soshi Mahoroba
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Rikyu - Land of the Orient
Weapon: Masamune Katanas

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Personality: Cold, frail, deceiving, and silly. Soshi is a samurai with a lot of pride who considers himself a lady-killer as well as attracting the attention of men. Soshi is something of a narcissist and can be incredibly picky when it comes to relationships with other people. Despite all of his bark he’s got no bite when it comes to commitment and would probably cut his own foot off if it meant getting rid of the ball and chain. Soshi is also a fierce warrior, when it comes to battle and is a well trained takes-no-prisoners sort of fighter. In battle he can be malicious and downright cold. In most situations he presents himself eloquently and possesses that “mysterious samurai” charm, that is until he is riled up (he wont hesitate to argue back).
Anything else important about the character?: Soshi is protective of his little sister Kyoka (they are orphans), he wields two Masamune katanas, his most notable feature is a pink kimono with purple hakama-esque pants, whenever he uses the dark spirit that resides within his swords he becomes very weak and frail after fighting for a while and begins coughing up blood.

Canon: Thousand Arms